Skybox is the brainchild of entrepreneur Ted Rosenberger. Like many pilots, Ted sought a cost-effective solution for obtaining smooth, high-resolution aerial footage from the nose of his personal helicopter. An impressive engineering achievement, Skybox incorporates a heavy-duty gyro within a robust structure to completely isolate the gimbal from heavy vibration and wind pressures. Skybox integrates DJI’s industrial flight control technology to allow each gimbal to perform flawlessly throughout a helicopter’s entire flight envelope. The lower window section, which employs optically-neutral anti-reflective lens glass, rotates in sync with the gimbal for unrestricted 360° panning and tilting.


The camera operator precisely controls the gimbal from the cockpit using a standard DJI wireless remote.

Using DJI’s top-of-the-line video, zoom and thermal imaging gimbals, Skybox enables helicopter operators to offer a wide range of aerial imaging services at a much lower cost than previously possible. Unlike drones, manned helicopters can legally fly at high speeds, over long distances, near airports, over cities, and at night. Unencumbered by UAS regulations, Skybox users can leverage the same DJI imaging technology preferred by commercial drone operators but with greatly expanded use cases.


Skybox is small, light and aerodynamic. All configurations of Skybox weigh less than 45 pounds and have a frontal surface area of 1.60 square feet or less. These specifications are well within the payload limitations of most certified helicopter mounts.


Skybox supports all of DJI’s top-tier gimbals including the Zenmuse X5, Z30 and XT series. Each features DJI’s legendary 3-axis stabilization. When flown in a Skybox, these cameras can meet the needs of discriminating filmmakers, photographers, news organizations, law enforcement and a wide range industrial users.

Zenmuse X5R
Powerful movie camera capable of recording lossless 4K video in RAW. Also captures 16MP still images. Supports wide range of MFT prime and zoom lenses.
Zenmuse Z30
Aerial inspection and surveillance camera with up to 30x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom.
Zenmuse XT
High-sensitivity thermal imaging camera line that incorporates technology from industry-leader FLIR. Various lens and resolution options available.